Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Shivani Bhatia Died in Road Accident

That's a shocking news that Shivani Bhatia Died in a road accident. She was going for a concert at Agra but on Yamuna Express Way , she got an shocking accident and she died. Shivani Bhatia was going there with her husband. Her husband is out of risk now.

Who was Shivani Bhatia

Shivani Bhatia was a pop singer. She also serving her role in Suron Ka Maha Sangram at Mahua TV. In Monday night she got accident on Yamuna Express Highway and her husband Nikhil Bhatia was also injured but now he is out of danger.

That is very shocking news for industry and cinema. They all are shocked with this news. But this is true that Shivani Bhatia is no more. We can say that a golden era of a pop singer is ended.

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