Friday, 18 January 2019

What is 10YearChallange ?

Howdy friends, Am Sunil again With a new article for you on our Blog and that topic is "What is 10YearChallange". You know that there are so many type of persons in world and they are going to make new trends in Internet. As you know that there was a trend in Internet before some days and that is KikiChallange. You know there some persons dancing behind car and making themselves videos.

What is 10YearChallange ?

10YearChallange is a new trend in Internet. In this challange you need to post a picture that have your two photos of 10 Years gap. I mean you need to add a photo of 10 year old and behind it you need to add a latest photo of you. For example this is 2019 so you need to add a photo of 2019 and second of 2009 in this picture. So that is new trend. I don't know that what it means and why people doing that.

We can say that 10YearChallange is a new invention of social media and that is totally madness. If you want to participate this challenge then you need to have two picture of you. One is 10 year old and second is current. You need to add these photos and need to mention year on these photos.

Negative Points of 10YearChallenge

You know that what is AI. If you dont't know then you need to know about it and then you can think that they can make your future photo if you are posting 2 photos of 10 year gap. Yes any company can use your photos in illegal work. I am not saying that you need to leave this challenge but that will be risky.

Conclusion :
So that is my article on topic what is 10yearchallenge. If you need to know more about this topic then you need to leave a comment in comment box. I promise that we will give regular updates regarding this topic.
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