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Who is Harleen Sethi ? Harleen Sethi Biography

Hello again am now i am available with a new article and that is about Harleen Sethi Biography. If you want to know something interesting about Harleen Sethi then you need to read this article till the end. If you don't know that who is Harleen Sethi then it will be very interesting article for you.

Harleen Sethi Biography

Harleen Sethi was born on 23 June in Mumbai, Maharastra, India. She interested in Dancing and singing. Now she is an Actress in Hindi and English Dramas. Now she is a famous dancer and singer. She got famous from her affair with actor Vicky Kaushal.

Color of eyes is dark brown and color of hair is black. She born in Punjabi family and she has a brother and who is Karan Sethi.

Harleen Sethi educated from Jankidevi Public School, Mumbai and colleges are National & W.A. Science College, Mumbai , Mithibai College, Mumbai and Narsee Minjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.

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What is 10YearChallange ?

Howdy friends, Am Sunil again With a new article for you on our Blog and that topic is "What is 10YearChallange". You know that there are so many type of persons in world and they are going to make new trends in Internet. As you know that there was a trend in Internet before some days and that is KikiChallange. You know there some persons dancing behind car and making themselves videos.

What is 10YearChallange ?

10YearChallange is a new trend in Internet. In this challange you need to post a picture that have your two photos of 10 Years gap. I mean you need to add a photo of 10 year old and behind it you need to add a latest photo of you. For example this is 2019 so you need to add a photo of 2019 and second of 2009 in this picture. So that is new trend. I don't know that what it means and why people doing that.

We can say that 10YearChallange is a new invention of social media and that is totally madness. If you want to participate this challenge then you need to have two picture of you. One is 10 year old and second is current. You need to add these photos and need to mention year on these photos.

Negative Points of 10YearChallenge

You know that what is AI. If you dont't know then you need to know about it and then you can think that they can make your future photo if you are posting 2 photos of 10 year gap. Yes any company can use your photos in illegal work. I am not saying that you need to leave this challenge but that will be risky.

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Thursday, 17 January 2019

How to Choose Best Niche for Blogging and Youtube Channel

Howdy friends, do you want to start a youtube channel or want to make a website ? If yes then this article can be a turning point for your career. Yes today we are going to choose best niche for blogging and youtube channel. If you are in a confusion then you need to read this article till the end. I promise that you can solve your issue if you read this article once.

How to Choose Best Niche for Blogging and Youtube Channel

You know that there are so many niches available in Internet. But which is best for you that will be a question. SO today i will help you to choose correct niche as you want. Which niche is good for you. First of all you need to know that what will be key to success in Blogging and Youtube. Yes you need regularity if you want success in Blogging or Youtube.

When you can make regularity ? It will be next question. There will be a answer that which niche is best for you. Always choose a niche in which you have interest or you have some knowledge. Main thing is interest. If you don't have interest in any niche then can never be success in this niche. You can't publish regular videos or articles if you don't have interest. SO i want to say you that you need complete interest in particular niche. You can post articles or videos as a hobby. One day it will make you big blogger or youtuber.

So always choose a niche in which you have interest. You don't need to look at competition. If you will go for competition then you can't choose a correct niche. If you have interest and knowledge in any niche then you can beat anyone in that field.

Conclusion :
So this is my article on choose best niche for Blogging and Youtube channel. I am giving this knowledge with my experience. I have already experienced this issue so i can tell you that you need to choose a niche with your interest and not look at competition.

What is SEO ? On Page and Off Page SEO Explained

What is SEO? It will be first question if you want to work in blogging. Yes you need some knowledge of SEO otherwise your career will not be succesful in blogging. Yes SEO is most important thing in Blogging. We can say that SEO is food of blogging.

If you want to know something about SEO then you need to read this article till the end. In this article i am going to tell you some most and common points of SEO which you need to know before starting blogging. I think you have so many dreams with blogging but can be possible with one thing and that is SEO. So you can think blogging is completely based on SEO these days.

You know that there are so many competition in Internet in blogging and youtube. So if you want to beat your competitors and want to rank your articles on top then you need to learn SEO completely. I am saying that there are no career in blogging if you don't know SEO.

What is SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) basically help you to rank your articles in Internet. It will help you to make your articles meaningful and user friendly. If you can do this then you can rank your articles in Internet. SEO help you to make your article's reputation in Internet. SEO is key to success in Blogging.

Types of SEO

There are main two types of SEO. One is On Page SEO and second is Off Page SEO. On Page SEO means you need to make your article good and you need to write good article. It properly based on your writing skill. There are so many plugins that will help you to fulfill all requirements for good On Page SEO.

Off Page SEO will work after publishing your article. Yes if you want to rank your article then you need to do Off Page SEO of your article after on page seo. Off Page seo completely based o making backlinks and bookmarking.

So this is my short knowledge about SEO. If you want to know more things about SEO then you need to leave a comment in comment box with your requirements.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Who is Tahira Kashayap ? Tahira Kashayap Biography

Hello everyone , I am Sunil Kumar again and today i am going to tell about a person that is very interesting because you don't know something about her. Yes i am going to tell you Tahira Kashayap Biography. In this article we know that what are the interestes, age , height, age , husband, and more of Tahira Kashayap.

Tahira Kashayap Biography

Tahira Kashayap born on 21 January 1983 at Chadigarh, Punjab , India. Her professions are writer, professor, theater director. Her hometown is Chadigarh, Punjab. She is educated from Yadavindra Public School, Mohali, India. Punjab University , Chadigarh and she got master degree in mass communication. Her debut in writing from I promise.

She belongs to Brhamin caste. her address is First floor flat at Anmol Pride apartments on S V road, Goregaon (West) in Mumbai. Her hobbies are writing and travelling. Her eye and hair color is Black. Her figure is 38-28-36.

Tahira Kashayap is married and her husband is an Indian Actor Ayushmann Khurrana. They married in 2011. Her brother-in-low is Aparshakti Khurrana. They have two children : daughter is Varushka and son is Virajveer. Her parents are Yajan Kashyap and Anita Kashayap.

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Amit Shah Biography | Who is Amit Shah

Amit Shah is an Indian politician. He is currently serving as President of BJP (Bahrtiya Janata Party). He is also a member of Rajya Sabha. SO hello again , I am Sunil Kumar and today i am going to tell you Amit Shah Biography. IN this article we will cover amit shah personal details and amit shah political career.

Amit Shah Biography

Amit Shah born on 22 October 1964 at Mumbai, Maharastra, India. His political party is BJP. His spouse' name is Sonal Shah. They have one children and who is Jay Shah. Their personal website is

Amit Shah Political Career

If you want to know something interesting about Amit Shah then you need to read this section till the end. Now we are going to tell you Amit Shah' Political Career. We will include that which work done by Amit Shah as a politician.

Amit Shah is President of BJP from 9 July 2014. He is also Chairperson of National Democratic Alliance from 9 July 2014. He is MP of Rajya Sabha for Gujrat from 19 August 2017. He was also member of Gujrat Legislative Assembly from 1997 to 2012 and 2012 to 2017.

First of all Amit Shah was elected as an MLA of Sarkhej for consecutive four times in 1997 , 1998, 2002 and 2007. He is close person of PM Narendra Modi. He was MLA from Naranpur when Narendra Modi elected for prime Minister Of India.

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So this is my article on Amit Shah's life. We have included Amit Shah biography and Amit Shah Political Career in this article. We have told you all things in short so if you want to know more things about Amit Shah then you need to leave a comment with your requirements in comment box.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

What is Blogger ? Best Platform for Fresh Bloggers

Hello everyone , are you new in Blogging and looking for best platform for blogging. Then you are best place because today i am going to solve your this issue. Today we will know that what is blogger and benefits of blogger.

What is Blogger ?

Yes Blogger is absolutely best platform for new bloggers. I am not saying that it is always best but it is specially for new and fresh bloggers. If you are new in blogging not know about HTML and scripting then you need to try

Blogger is Google's platform for Bloggers. It is completely free to use and do anything. If you don't have money to spend then you can use blogger for blogging. You can also make your free website in minutes in this platform. Here you not need to spend so many time to manage site and you can easily create your site. Features :

There are so many benefits and features of Blogger but we will only discuss some best and important points.

  • Completely Free to use
  • Good for SEO
  • Free Themes
  • Free Subdomain
  • Easy to use
  • Direct login through email
So these are some best and high quality features of So if you want to create your site in Blogger then you need to go to and then login using your gmail account. It is google's product so you don't need to take any tension about spam and data privacy. You can easily create a site in this platform.

Conclusion :
This is my short review of Blogger. I think now you will never ask this question that what is blogger. I have included most and common features and benefits of Blogger so you can decide that you can create a site on Blogger.